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About the Mid Yorkshire Hospitals Formulary

This site is maintained by the Medicines Information team of Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust.  The prime objective is to ensure access to the Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust Medicine Formulary, with links to key local and national guidelines, and to support safe, evidence-based and cost-effective use of medicines.  The formulary is a dynamic document and is continually updated.

The site is designed to be used by healthcare professionals.  It is assumed that the user will have the necessary knowledge, skill and competence to interpret the information presented, and where necessary to refer to specialist advice for clarification. Whilst the formulary contains links to relevant policies and guidelines, the prescriber retains the responsibility for the appropriate use of this information. The majority of links within the formulary are visible from any location, but some are only accessible within the NHS and some only on the MYHT Intranet.

What is the Formulary?

The formulary is a guide to medicines which may be prescribed within Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust.  The formulary is organised in sections that reflect the BNF.  Each entry gives information on the formulary status of the drug and any restrictions on use, available strengths, additional advice and links to relevant local or national guidelines, prescribing information, and NICE guidance.  It is not intended to replace the BNF, and prescribers should refer to the BNF and BNF for Children, and manufacturer’s Summary of Product Characteristics for prescribing information.

Who decides what drugs are on the Formulary?

The Trust’s Drug and Therapeutics Committee are responsible for making decisions on requests for new medicines.  The committee includes representatives from hospital consultants, specialist nurses, hospital pharmacists, finance, GPs and CCG pharmacists, and meets once a month.  Any request for new drugs should be submitted on a New Product Request Form.  A link to this form can be found on the front page of the Formulary. This should be submitted to 

Feedback and suggestions for improvement may be made by contacting a member of the Medicines Information team or emailing or


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